We are experts in processing/refining and trading of metals. As a leading supplier of industry metals we offer our customers advanced, highly developed products, technologies and first class service. We are known as a reliable partner, aiming to develop customer and supplier relationships into long lasting partnerships.


Our customers are in the centre of our decisions and actions. We provide our services

for the customers professionally, reliably and with a high level of commitment.

Qualified and motivated employees, who experience the esteem of the company, are

the basis of our success. The responsible and effective dedication of our employees is

at the heart of our corporate culture. We specifically invest in further and advanced

raining of our staff to create an environment for professional and creative services.


Financially successful. Through the commitment and performance of our employees, we

are financially successful and invest specifically in the interest of our corporate strategy. 

Responsible to the environment and society. We are committed to improve our

social and ecological environment . All persons involved in our business are aiming the

highest level of legal compliance.

High standards secure high quality. Our management system ensures the high    

quality, safety, and environmental standards of our services.