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Our mission

is to trade, manufacture, stock, distribute and refine metals and alloys, as well as to take back the residues from our customers’ ongoing production processes. This specialisation in a dynamic market environment has enabled us to operate at different levels of the value chain in this industry. Acceptance and security of supply of metals in combination with technical and solution-orientated expertise creates an essential link to our business partners. The development of trading and the expansion of our production facilities are at the centre of our management and all of our employees’ activities. 

Our values

Our business partners are the main focus of our decisions and our actions.
We provide our partners with professional, reliable and highly committed services.

Qualified and motivated employees

who feel valued by the company are the foundation of our success.
The personal responsibility and sustained commitment of our employees form the core of our corporate culture. We invest systematically in training and further education and create an environment that fosters professional and creative performance.   


Commercially successful

through the commitment and performance of our employees, we want to offer our business partners benefits in order to remain commercially successful and to invest accordingly in keeping with our corporate strategy. 


Taking responsibility for the environment and society

We practise our social responsibility to all stakeholders involved in the business. 


High standards ensure high quality

Our internal management systems ensure that our services meet high quality, safety and environmental standards, and we expect the same of our suppliers.