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Our quality standards

We maintain the highest standards of quality control throughout the entire process within the company, from purchasing to production, analytics and packaging, by establishing and maintaining the necessary quality mindset in our production and laboratory teams. 


The aluminium alloy powders production plant in Feistritz im Rosental is designed for strict quality and process control measures to enable a high degree of repeatability and consistency. This is complemented by a fully equipped, air-conditioned laboratory that supports development and production on the basis of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system

IMR pursues the highest level of quality control throughout the entire procurement, production and packaging process by establishing and maintaining the necessary mindset and behaviour of the employees in its production and analysis teams.
The production of these AM powders adheres to ASTM and/or ISO analytical standards in the various stages of quality control.
To pursue its growth strategy, IMR continually invests in new production and analysis equipment and sets internal production standards that enable it to meet the requirements of its customers in a series production environment.
The continuous development of quality standards to fulfil aerospace and automotive requirements, among others, is being advanced in line with market requirements and customer demands.
All of these measures are based on a high degree of cost efficiency and conservation of resources