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Anodes and granulate

The premium quality of SHG zinc 99.995%, which IMR uses in its foundry in Austria, makes it the ideal raw material for the production of galvanic anodes. Over three decades of in-house casting experience enables IMR to produce various shapes of zinc and tin anodes for a variety of customers and a wide range of applications around the world. 


Either as zinc spheres (50 mm and 40 mm in diameter), hemispheres, cylindrical shapes or zinc plates and granulate – these are products for the electroplating markets made and supplied by IMR. 

Special anodes

High-end requirements in surface technology applications demand special coatings in combination with individual processing equipment. Special anodes are required for those technologies that IMR can provide based on assessment of the individual customer requirements. IMR can produce the moulds required for special anode formats in-house. 

Other anodes available from IMR

  • Billet anodes with boreholes, thread, grooved or smooth surface, with or without hook (titanium or iron). 
  • Plate anodes with boreholes, higher wall thickness 

For some special applications customers require alloys instead of pure metals as anodes. IMR works closely with its customers to assess, specify and produce individual solutions.