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Zinc oxide and zinc dust

Harzer Zinkoxide GmbH (HZO), a company belonging to the IMR Group, is one of the leading European manufacturers of zinc oxide and zinc dust. The various high-purity zinc oxides, which are marketed under the brand name Zinkweiss Harzsiegel®, have been an established product for our customers for decades due to their high-purity, allowing them to benefit from an optimised product portfolio with a range of qualities tailored to the respective application and a very high degree of supply security.

Zinc recycling

Harzer Zinkoxide GmbH is one of the few companies in Europe that uses the New Jersey distillation process, which produces high-purity zinc oxide from secondary raw materials such as zinc scrap or remelted zinc. The process is characterised by high energy efficiency and low CO₂ emissions, putting HZO at the forefront of European zinc recycling companies.


Harzer Zinkoxide GmbH